Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
Make your dream come true... wake up!

People will find a vision. 

More importantly, it doesn’t have to be theirs!

Like Simon Sinek says:
“People found Matin Luther King. People found Mohandas Gandhi. People found Steve Jobs [...] the visionaries. And people go ‘I love his vision!’.”

It’s time to let people find you!

It is all about what you believe in.

Since the beginning of mankind, people are all about common beliefs... We always choose to place our faith in a community that believes in what we believe.

Tribes are about faith. The faith that, with their leader, they will be creating the change that they believe in. 

Leaders have followers... because leaders make a change.

To make a change you need to get out in front of your tribe and create movement!

Caution: Leaders with unclear visions are dangerous.

An unclear vision leads to different interpretations. Multiple visions only scatter the efforts of a tribe...
In the end, leading the tribe to its destruction.

Shape and articulate their vision.

The truth is that a true vision can’t be imposed on a tribe. The only job of the tribe’s leader is to make the tribe’s vision palpable, memorable, and inspiring.

Know why you do what you do.

Without knowing why you do what you do... you can’t articulate your tribe’s vision. Start with why in order to illustrate the future.

Organize your brand’s experience around your vision.

Action always beats intention. It is not what you say that matters... it is what you do and why you do it.

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