April 6, 2021 • Branding

Break the codes

What everybody wants... but is afraid to do.

These days I talk with a lot of people while building Mental Breakdown. We are trying to help brands better share their vision. To do that, we interview people. We try better understand them and their needs.

A recurring pattern.

We recently noticed a recurring pattern. Every people we see are talking about breaking the codes. They want, like any people, to stand for the things that they believe in. So we go on and chat about examples of actions that they took, their vision of the future, etc. That's right where it gets interesting.

All of the examples or parts of them indicate that they intentionally don't break the codes. Not because they don't want to, but because they are afraid to. That is because they want safety.

We all dream of a safety net when making hard choices. But they wouldn't be hard if they were safe. Safe choices are not often the best ones. Those are the ones that won't make you stand out. Those are the choices that tell your community that you are afraid to be their leader.

People are afraid of change.

Yes, sometimes changing things is frightening, sometimes thrilling. These are emotional responses to our attachment to the said things. It does not help our community to follow us. It does not help customers get value with our products. It does not help our brands to connect with their tribes.

This type of fear is personal. This type of fear is not helpful at all.

Instead of making changes based on our fears, we should choose to change things for others. For the people that work with us every day. For the people that buy what we make to help them. Whenever you think about others, the fear disappears. Why? Simply because the human mind chooses not to be stuck in fear when others really need us.

Original photo by Elisabeth Wales on Unsplash

Make good choices.

When led by fear, we always choose the easy option.
We choose to order Uber Eats instead of going for a workout.
We choose to bury ourselves in work instead of making plans for the future.
We choose not to choose. So the world chooses for us.

That is, sometimes, why:

  • a good product lacks a good strategy

  • a good brand lacks a good vision.

My advice from this.

  • Stop focusing on yourself when making a decision. Focus on others instead.

  • Stop defining "risky" by your own lens. Start gathering the others' points of view.

  • Don't let your fears define what you make for others.

  • Start standing for the things you believe in, even if you shit your pants.

Have a great day!