May 3, 2021 • Branding

Brands typical problems and their solutions.

Detect where you're at. Learn how to evolve.

Problem: We lack hindsight.
Solution: Hire someone who's not in the organization to give some perspective.

Problem: We don't have a vision.
Solution: Define your mission then articulating your vision will be easy.

Problem: We need a new identity.
Solution: No you probably don't. You probably need to establish your brand strategy first, to create a long-lasting brand identity in line with what the brand really is.

Problem: We need to redefine all of our product positionings.
Solution: No you probably don't. You probably need to define your brand positioning first. Your product positioning just needs to help your global portfolio as a brand.

Problem: We need to better define our company's culture.
Solution: Start by better defining your core values and align everything on them.

Problem: We want to refresh our identity without shocking our community.
Solution: You won't shock if your new identity is aligned with what you really are. Start by focusing on defining what your brand really is.