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Short bio

Alban Mezino is a brand strategist who started as a web developer. He helps people tell who they are through brands’ beliefs. He is CEO at Mental Breakdown.



Living in Nantes, France.


Looking at his fat self in the mirror, he had a revelation!


First things first, he lives to share with people!
So as his chubby 15 years old self. The one problem at this age... only might is right.

In that year he:

  • failed to get the girl that he had a crush on.
  • lost his best friend because the latter was becoming popular.

Why? Simply because in a mid-school teenager’s mind you can’t talk like the king of the jungle and not look like it (short, chubby...and not muscular).

He was trying to roar like a lion while looking like a zebra.
In a nutshell, he realized that he wasn’t communicating who he was in the way he wanted to.

How body-language saved his life?


Gained about 20 centimeters, lost weight thanks to his willpower... not looking like a zebra anymore.
The real challenge was to learn how to really roar.

He started reading about non-verbal communication, PNL, communication strategies and patterns, ...

For years he watched videos, listened to podcasts, read blog articles and books about the same subject... communication.

One thing leading to another... he had an idea!

What if he learned how to master communicating with people.
What if he could learn:

  • how to make great communication tools fast animated and secure websites.
  • how to create great designs clean custom and goal-oriented prototypes.
  • how to engineer great strategies strong powerful and sharp brand strategies.

How did he master communication?


👉 Make fast animated and secure websites:
✅ Associate’s degree in computer science.
✅ 3 years as a web developer in alternate years.
✅ Graduated valedictorian at ECV Digital.

👉 Create clean custom and goal-oriented prototypes:
✅ Working for years as a web developer and getting shi*ty prototypes from designers that don’t know how to do their work correctly.
✅ Consistently improving prototype design processes in order to reduce technical debt and Designer x Dev lack of communication.
✅ Learning that humans are only animals able to create and use tools... thus, we have to remember that they must fulfill a purpose.
A useless tool is a tool made by a tool.

👉 Engineer strong powerful and sharp brand strategies:
✅ Authenticity is key: you can learn to better share your story... but you can’t lie about it.
✅ Differentiation is radical by nature: most brand strategists are all bark no bite... When you’re working on your brand (strategy and/or identity) remember:
dogs don’t meow!

Why naming a company Mental Breakdown?


Calm down you fuc*ing TL;DR people!
Just above we talked about the fact that differentiation is radical by nature...
So just by saying our name, you know that...
we don’t bark... 
we just bite.


Get a glance at all the people talking about him!

  • “One hell of a man”

    New York Times

  • “Remarkable gentleman.”

    Washington Post

  • “I wish I could be more like him.”

    The most interesting man in the world

  • “Thrillingly unrestrained yet solidly crafted.”

    The guardian

  • “You’d be crazy not to swipe right!”


  • “He’s my wallpaper!”


  • “My hero!”

    Iron Man